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Swiss Staples

When I decided to attend university abroad, I knew that there were undoubtedly comforts that I had grown accustomed to in the states that wouldn’t be readily available across the pond. There were obvious physical examples like the language barrier, and different electrical outlets. And then there were new cultural standards like greeting people by kissing on the cheek, and learning to expect any group dinner to last at three hours. Speaking of dinner, I think the change that I underestimated the most was the food. I attend an American university located in southern Switzerland, meaning that although my school is in Europe, all of the classes are taught in English, and my credits can ea

An Unexpected Gem: Polish Perogies

When I decided to book a trip to Poland, I really didn’t have many expectations. Having already found myself in Italy, the budget-airline flight was incredibly affordable––around $50 round trip from Milan to Warsaw. Because I booked mainly because of the extraordinarily affordable price, my expectations were very low for the trip (and consequently the food as well), but boy was I wrong! On my first day in Warsaw, I decided on a whim to join a free-walking tour that was leaving at the city-center. After about two hours of traversing the historically rich and enchanting old town, my stomach was audibly growling. After a quick chat with the guide, he was able to give me several recommendations



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