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Spanish Tapas More Than an Appetizer

After capping off my school year with countless papers and exams, I made it my personal mission to detox from academia in the most relaxing and cost-efficient way. After briefly surfing the web, I found a great deal on a flight to Barcelona, and decided there’d be no better place to calm my frontal cortex than a Spanish beach city. After checking into my hostel in the center of the gothic quarter, the front-desk worker jumped at the chance to recommend his personal favorite place for the Spanish finger food: tapas. I had heard of the culinary custom, but wasn’t familiar with what they entailed– which would soon prove to be an embarrassing mistake on my part. My friends and I were quickly sea

Gem Eats Vegan: How To

In the beginning it was all set out to create a vegan space, that makes people of color feel at home. The couple, Gem and Jennelle, created this entity named “Gem Eats Vegan” to establish a new and creative way to make vegan food just as tasty as ethnic home-cooking. The couple reassured me that, being vegan doesn’t mean you have to eat bland vegetables. “I season things like how your grandmother seasons things,” Gem jokingly stated. They also made it clear that being vegan isn’t as expensive as many people think. This also depends on where you live. The two are based in Brooklyn, New York, serving them with an easy access to diverse ingredients, that would be harder to find in places like E

My Definitive Ranking of Must-Try Parisian Delicacies

When thinking of Paris, the most obvious superlatives for the city are “the city or love,” or “the city of lights.” Tourists so often masterfully plan their schedules to maximize the amount of museums they can see, walks along the Seine they can take, and hours of the nights they can spend wandering the lively streets. However, what many people often overlook when planning their dream vacation to this world-renowned city is the sheer mass of new foods there are to try! Trust me, there’s a lot more than just baguettes! Although I highly recommend trying all of the foods Paris has to offer, the unfortunate existence of time and budgetary restraints many travelers face don’t really make that a



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