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An Unexpected Gem: Polish Perogies

When I decided to book a trip to Poland, I really didn’t have many expectations. Having already found myself in Italy, the budget-airline flight was incredibly affordable––around $50 round trip from Milan to Warsaw. Because I booked mainly because of the extraordinarily affordable price, my expectations were very low for the trip (and consequently the food as well), but boy was I wrong!

On my first day in Warsaw, I decided on a whim to join a free-walking tour that was leaving at the city-center. After about two hours of traversing the historically rich and enchanting old town, my stomach was audibly growling. After a quick chat with the guide, he was able to give me several recommendations and the singular most important tip I would receive during that entire trip: “Be sure to try the perogies! My mother-in-law can eat twenty of them in one sitting!”

Sure enough, when I popped into one of the recommended restaurants, perogies were at the top of the menu. I was not only intrigued by my guide’s recommendation, but also by the fact that I they were so cheap! The menu listed a platter of 20 for the equivalent of about four US dollars, so I decided to get them. As I bit into the dumpling, I was immediately wowed by the creamy potato and cheese filling.

Perogies are a popular Eastern European food that consist of a light fluffy dough stuffed with potato filling, sauerkraut, meat, cheese, and sometimes even fruit! Although the exact origins of the perogi are difficult to trace, they’re found throughout the Eastern Block. In most of these nation’s native languages the word “perogi” roughly translates to pie.

While Poland certainly has other foods, this one really stole my heart. The flavor and price point seemed to align perfectly and create the most tempting blend of taste and value. Even if you’re not able to make it all the way to Poland, there’s no need to fear! Perogies are available in most major cities, and with recipes being handed down from generation to generation, there’s no shortage of authentic perogies here in the US.



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